A Detective’s Bloody Pursuit – Extended Epilogue

The sun streamed through the dusty windows of Marl Malone’s detective agency, casting a golden hue over the room filled with an air of anticipation. Marl, sitting behind his desk with his hat tipped back, watched Cassidy McAllister as she leaned over a map of Redwood Ridge pinned to the wall.

“So, you’re telling me our big case is about pie thefts?” Cassidy asked with a playful smirk, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Marl nodded solemnly, trying to maintain a straight face. “Not just any pies, Cassidy. Mrs. Beckett’s award-winning apple pies. Three have gone missing in the past week. The town’s in an uproar.”

Cassidy chuckled, “A pie pilferer on the loose. This is quite the high-stakes case for us, Marl.”

Marl stood up, joining her at the map. “Every case is important,” he said with mock gravity. “Besides, I have a feeling this could lead us to some unexpected adventures.”

Their playful banter was interrupted by the ringing of the agency’s doorbell. In walked Mrs. Beckett herself, a stout woman with a stern face that softened upon seeing Marl and Cassidy.

“Mr. Malone, Miss McAllister, I’m at my wit’s end,” she began, wringing her apron. “Another pie disappeared last night. Right from my kitchen window!”

Marl offered her a chair. “Fear not, Mrs. Beckett. We’re on the case. Now, can you tell us anything unusual you might have noticed?”

As Mrs. Beckett recounted her tale of woe about her missing pies, Cassidy took notes. Marl observed a twinkle in Cassidy’s eye – she was enjoying this lighter side of detective work.

Later that afternoon, Marl and Cassidy arrived at Mrs. Beckett’s home, a quaint cottage with a well-kept garden. They inspected the kitchen, particularly the window from where the pies had vanished.

“There are no signs of forced entry,” Marl observed, examining the window sill.

Cassidy, peering outside, pointed to the ground. “Look here, Marl. Footprints, but they’re rather small.”

Marl knelt down beside her, studying the tiny tracks. “Too small for a child, even. And look, there are several of them, all heading towards the woods.”

The plot thickened, and their adventure began. Cassidy’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “Shall we follow the trail?”

Marl nodded, and together they ventured into the woods, following the peculiar tracks.

The woods were dense and the light played tricks among the trees. The small footprints weaved through the underbrush, leading them deeper into the forest. Marl and Cassidy moved cautiously, aware of the sounds of nature around them – the rustling of leaves, the distant call of a bird.

Suddenly, Cassidy stopped, her hand reaching out to halt Marl. Ahead, amidst a small clearing, they saw the culprits – a band of raccoons, busy devouring what looked like the remnants of an apple pie.

Marl stifled a laugh. “Pie thieves, indeed. Mrs. Beckett’s pies are a hit with the wildlife too.”

Cassidy whispered back, her eyes shining with adventure and fun, “Seems like we’ve cracked the case, detective.”


Returning to the agency, they prepared to give Mrs. Beckett the amusing news of her unexpected pie admirers. As they worked, the easy camaraderie and shared smiles spoke of a bond that had deepened beyond mere friendship.

The sun was setting, casting a warm glow over the room. Cassidy looked up from her notes, her gaze meeting Marl’s. There was a moment of silent understanding, a recognition of the unique connection they shared.

Marl cleared his throat, “You know, Cassidy, this may not be a high-profile case, but it’s been… well, quite an adventure.”

Cassidy nodded, her smile warm. “The best kind, Marl. And I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else.”

As they wrapped up their case, the room filled not just with the light of the setting sun, but also with the promise of many more adventures to come – together.


The evening settled over Redwood Ridge as Marl and Cassidy sat in the cozy confines of the detective agency, piecing together their report for Mrs. Beckett. The atmosphere was relaxed, the earlier adventure having brought a playful ease to their interactions.

Marl leaned back in his chair, observing Cassidy as she meticulously organized her notes. “You’ve got a knack for this detective work, Cassidy,” he remarked.

Cassidy looked up, a hint of pride in her smile. “Well, I had a good teacher. Plus, tracking raccoons isn’t much different from herding cattle, just a bit more… stealthy.”

The door opened, and a young boy burst in, breathless. “Mr. Malone! Mrs. Beckett sent me. She says there’s another pie missing!”

Marl and Cassidy exchanged a look of surprise and amusement. Marl tipped his hat back, “Seems like our pie bandits are at it again.”

Under the cloak of nightfall, Marl and Cassidy approached Mrs. Beckett’s cottage. Armed with a plan, they positioned themselves near the kitchen window, hidden in the shadows.

Whispers and soft giggles filled the air as they waited. Cassidy’s hand brushed Marl’s, sending an unspoken thrill through them. The fun of the chase was evident in their shared glances.

Suddenly, rustling sounds emerged from the bushes. A family of raccoons emerged, cautiously approaching the window. Their little paws reached for the pie, but Marl and Cassidy sprang into action.

With gentle movements, they shooed the raccoons away, protecting the pie. Cassidy couldn’t help but laugh, the absurdity of the situation delighting her.

Mrs. Beckett, having witnessed the whole scene from her doorway, clapped her hands in relief. “Oh, thank you both! You’ve saved my pie!”

Marl, feeling a bit like a hero over something as simple as saving a pie, tipped his hat. “All in a day’s work, Mrs. Beckett.”

Cassidy added, “And maybe consider a pie safe. These little guys have developed quite the taste for your baking.”

Mrs. Beckett nodded, her face breaking into a grateful smile. “I’ll do just that. Thank you both again. You’re a blessing to this town.”

As they left, Cassidy leaned into Marl. “Our first successful pie protection operation,” she joked.

The stars twinkled above as they returned to the detective agency. The night was peaceful, the earlier excitement having given way to a serene quietude.

Marl stopped outside the door, turning to Cassidy. “You know, Cassidy, working with you… it’s made all this more than just solving cases. It’s made it fun, meaningful.”

Cassidy’s eyes met his, her expression softening. “I feel the same, Marl. These moments, these adventures… they mean a lot to me.”

They stood there, under the starlit sky, the world around them hushed. It was a moment of connection, a silent acknowledgment of the bond that had grown between them.

Marl broke the silence, “Well, I should let you get home. It’s late.”

Cassidy nodded, reluctance in her eyes. “Yes, it’s late. Goodnight, Marl.”

“Goodnight, Cassidy.”

As she walked away, Marl watched her go, a sense of contentment mixed with a longing he couldn’t quite name. He knew one thing for sure – their adventures were far from over.

The days that followed in Redwood Ridge were filled with a quiet buzz, the story of the pie-stealing raccoons becoming a favorite topic among the townsfolk. Marl and Cassidy, now famously known for their peculiar yet successful case, found themselves at the center of the community’s affections.

One morning, as Cassidy walked into the detective agency, she found Marl poring over a letter with a curious expression. “What’s that?” she inquired, hanging her hat on the rack.

Marl looked up, a mix of intrigue and concern in his eyes. “It’s a letter from an old contact of mine from my Pinkerton days. He’s hinting at something big, something that could reach far beyond Redwood Ridge.”

Cassidy pulled a chair and sat down. “Sounds like the stakes are higher this time. What do you think it’s about?”

“I’m not sure yet,” Marl replied, folding the letter and tucking it into his desk drawer. “But it looks like we might be embarking on a more serious adventure soon.”

The potential of a new case added a layer of excitement to their routine. They spent the day preparing, reviewing old files, and ensuring their gear was ready for whatever challenge lay ahead.

As dusk fell, Marl and Cassidy decided to take a stroll through the town, discussing potential strategies for their new case. The streets of Redwood Ridge were quiet, the orange hues of the setting sun casting long shadows.

Their conversation flowed effortlessly, from the case to their personal lives. Cassidy spoke of her aspirations for the ranch, and Marl shared anecdotes from his past, opening up in a way he rarely did with others.

They reached the outskirts of the town, where the landscape opened up to rolling fields. Marl stopped, gazing at the horizon. “You know, Cassidy, I’ve been thinking. We make a pretty good team. Not just in solving cases, but in… well, in everything.”

Cassidy met his gaze, her heart skipping a beat at the sincerity in his eyes. “I feel the same, Marl. It’s like we’re two parts of a whole.”

They stood there, the world around them bathed in the soft glow of twilight, their shared silence speaking volumes.

The next day, Marl and Cassidy set out to follow the lead from Marl’s Pinkerton contact. The journey took them beyond the familiar boundaries of Redwood Ridge, into new territories and potential dangers.

They traveled through rugged landscapes, following a trail that was growing increasingly complex and mysterious. The case involved a network of outlaws, and it became clear that they were dealing with something much larger than they had anticipated.

As they camped out one night, under a star-filled sky, Marl looked over at Cassidy, who was thoughtfully gazing into the fire. “Cassidy, this case… it’s going to challenge us, in ways we haven’t been before.”

Cassidy nodded, turning to meet his eyes. “I know, Marl. But I trust you. And I trust us. We’ll see this through, together.”

The fire crackled between them, the flames reflecting the determination and resolve in their eyes.

The days that followed tested their skills and courage. They encountered unexpected setbacks and dangerous confrontations, but through it all, their trust and reliance on each other grew stronger.

They uncovered clues, pieced together evidence, and slowly unraveled the mystery. It was a case that demanded everything they had – wit, bravery, and an unshakeable bond.

As they finally closed in on the outlaws’ hideout, Marl and Cassidy prepared for what could be their most dangerous encounter yet. They exchanged a look, a silent promise to protect each other, no matter what lay ahead.

The adventure they had embarked upon was far from the lighthearted escapades of their past. It was real, it was dangerous, and it was a testament to the depth of their partnership.

The final showdown with the outlaws was intense and fraught with danger. Marl and Cassidy, working seamlessly together, outsmarted and outmaneuvered their adversaries. As the dust settled, they stood amidst the chaos they had quelled, breathing heavily but victorious. The sense of accomplishment was palpable, but even more so was the realization of how much they had come to rely on each other.

In the days that followed, as they made their way back to Redwood Ridge, there was a new understanding between them. The shared danger and triumph had forged an even deeper bond, one that went beyond mere friendship or partnership.

Upon their return, the town greeted them as heroes. The story of their daring escapade spread quickly, adding to their growing legend. Yet, amidst the accolades and admiration, Marl and Cassidy knew that the real reward was the trust and camaraderie they had found in each other.

The detective agency became busier than ever, with new cases and challenges. But no matter how demanding their work, Marl and Cassidy always found time for those quiet moments of reflection, those shared smiles and knowing glances that spoke of their unique connection.

One evening, as they closed another case, Cassidy turned to Marl, “You know, all these adventures, they’ve changed me. I’ve seen more, felt more… because of you.”

Marl leaned back in his chair, his eyes softening. “I could say the same, Cassidy. You’ve brought something to my life I didn’t even know was missing. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”

He was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Mrs. Beckett, carrying a freshly baked apple pie. “For the best detectives in the west,” she beamed.

As she left, Marl and Cassidy shared a laugh. It was these small moments, amidst the danger and excitement, that truly defined their life in Redwood Ridge.

As they shared the pie, their conversation drifted to future plans, to dreams yet to be realized. It was clear that their journey together was far from over. There were more mysteries to solve, more adventures to embark upon, and through it all, they would be side by side.

The sun set over Redwood Ridge, casting a warm glow over the town. Inside the detective agency, the light lingered on Marl and Cassidy, a symbol of the enduring partnership that had become the heart of their lives.

And as the day gave way to night, they knew that no matter what challenges the future held, they would face them together, with courage, wit, and a bond that was unbreakable.


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14 thoughts on “A Detective’s Bloody Pursuit – Extended Epilogue”

  1. I liked the story, but didn’t care for the extended part. The story had some body to it and the extended seen like a romance piece written for a lady’s magazine so they can forget their worry. To much romance can stop a story line in a western faster than bad writing.

  2. I absolutely loved it. The characters are amazing and the story is full of adventure, action and mystery. Lots of interesting and thrilling moments. Excellent story and hard to put down. I was engaged from the beginning to the end. I really enjoyed the extended epilogue. Beautiful way to wrap up the journey.

      1. I’m so grateful to be an ARC reader.
        For my honest review on this book.
        I enjoyed this book. I have read so many of your books. The story had a flow about it to draw my attention to ot. To the point I did not want to put it down.
        Thank you for a delightful book.

    1. Funny, this ‘review’ could apply to almost any book written. Did you even read the book. Are you even real?

  3. Great story, lots of drama throughout this book, lots of mysteries solved and lots of action packed scenes, including some new ones that will keep you turning those pages! This Author has you captured from the beginning to the end, which makes you wonder how this Author always has you wanting more! The extended epilogue was written for excitement and lots of mysteries solved and absolutely fantastic and a beautiful ending to a wonderful story! 🌬📚🎭🤠🐝🎶

  4. Derek Levine doesn’t miss. This book is like all his books that I have read ( 5 to 10). He has become one of my favorite authors. He has never disappointed me. I always feel better having read another of his wonderful books. Why? He hooks my mind and grabs my attention from beginning to end, every time.

  5. This epilogue doesn’t read like it’s written by the same author. If fact, a lot of ‘Derek Levine’ novels have little in common in style or quality, leading me to believe it’s all ghostwritten. Levine is a brand, not a writer. No wonder the reviews are bogus. Even the publisher is phony. A search for Regal Quill results in…nothing. If Derek Levine is real, I dare him to a shoot-out on Main Street at High Noon. Well? I’m waiting.

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